Niko Guido was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Galatasaray High School and then the Engineering Faculty of Bogaziçi University.

Photographs of Niko Guido, who has held exhibitions in more than forty cities both in Turkey and around the world, have appeared in many national and foreign magazines and newspapers.

His success in nude art photography earned him respect in the eyes of the international photographic community.

Niko Guido, who carried out the photography project “Unobstructed Laughter” in support of the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey in 2008, Than he has photographed the life all around The World. Photographs he took on these trips were published in many magazines most notably National Geographic. 

Guido, who worked with Unicef in his Haiti Project, also held an exhibition called “Support for Van” again with Unicef by gathering together 30 masters of photography. Guido, whose photographs were exhibited in 32 different cities of the world at the same time within the context of the projects “Doctors without Borders” and “Leave Us Alone”, on the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, thus delivered the largest photography exhibition of the world. 

Niko Guido, held an exhibition called “Artist as an Art Object” for the benefit of The Turkish Education Foundation in January 2014.
He has directed a documentary film on the earthquake in Haiti.

He has been pursuing his projects “14 Cities”, “I’m Istanbul” and “From Woman’s Eyes” (‘kadıNgözÜyle’) with the participation of hundreds of photographers. Niko Guido, who was awarded the jury’s special award in the “Fiap World Cup” in 2013, one of the most prestigious photography awards of the world, has also been preparing a television program called the “Photography Traveler” and still travels around the world with his projects group the “Photography Travelers”.