Özcan Yüksek was born at the foot of Kaçkar Mountains, in the year 1963. He grew up in the streets of Istanbul. Having studied law at university, he earned a master’s degree in economics but abandoned his doctorate with a passion to travel the world for a geography magazine he prepared. Özcan Yüksek is the chief editor of the earth magazine, MAGMA, and a photographer, author, and fairytale researcher.

He is the author of two narrative books, “Hakikatçi” and “Cinistan”, which attempt to unravel the secrets of One Thousand and One Nights, and of a fairytale novel named “Kayıp Deniz”. The first book by Özcan Yüksek is a travel book telling Rumi’s migration from Balkh to Konya with his father. This book was written after a long journey of four months. Özcan Yüksek also has two published photography books named “Çay’ın Öyküsü” and “Rüzgarın Kanatları”. His interest in photography started during his university years with black and white printing trials using his own enlarger at home.